Reflection Post # 1

HTML was always something that looked super complex and scary to me, but through this past week in our daily activities, I have discovered that is not the case anymore. At first, i was having difficulty trying to follow the specific directions and make my web page look and do exactly what our assignment asked for, but the more I played around with it and practiced, and also getting help from the professor and my book along the way, I came to find out that I have started to enjoy HTML and all of the really cool, fun things you can do to your web page with it. This week, I also deepened by prior knowledge of the social networks Twitter and Facebook and also more about Amazon Prime through my classmates’ discussion topic presentation. It was really cool to find out about how Amazon Prime got started and everything they have to offer. Although, I already knew about Amazon Prime Student, I had no idea that Amazon Mom or Amazon Prime Fresh even existed until this week. As far as Facebook and Twitter, it was really interesting to see the class divide over the two, and to find out which one was the most popular amongst our class. As for me, I use both networks, but Facebook for family, old friends, and new friends, while I use Twitter for news updates, sports, and to communicate with closer friends.

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One thought on “Reflection Post # 1

  1. I agree, at first HTML did seem complex and out of my league but with some exercises and practice it seems a little more less complex. It’s still tricky because you have to make sure you have type everything correctly but once you get the hang of it, it isn’t that bad.

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